Over the past 80 years, our family (Frentzas family) has been known for the high quality olive oil, we produce. It all began in a small, picturesque village on the mountain tops of Messinia called “Aetos” (Eagle). The olive oil produced in this area is well-known for its fruity scent and taste, as well as its low acidity.

The olive oil extraction as well as its bottling, is processed by state of the art machinery. Putting together technology, experience and desire for excellence, we have achieved a high standard in our product to please even the most demanding consumer.

Our efforts do not stop here. Our vision has awakened creativity, constantly seeking paths to upgrade our product. Recently we have invested in new, improved, machinery in order to certify our high quality. We have been certified with ISO HACCP 22000 for the production and bottling of biological olive oil (BIO HELLAS 2013), thus allowing us to take our first steps in promoting our product to European Union countries.

We attend the biggest exhibitions worldwide in order to be informed about the latest international developments. This allows us to produce a product of premium characteristics that would satisfy to the fullest the demands of our consumers.